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To Discover Living is an ongoing process that evolves as you age, gain new experiences, and develop new attitudes. Why is it that people who have identical possessions, positions, and income don’t have equal happiness? It is because each of us must individually pursue this intangible object and illusion called happiness. You cannot put a label on it. You cannot buy it. You cannot give it to another. You cannot own it. But you can have it. It is attainable. If you want to find the answers, it is time for you to stop looking.

Are Hope …. Want …. & Try Enough?

Our mission is to develop an awareness of ways to gain control and overcome the barriers, manipulations, and forces holding you back from achieving an improved way of living.
Let’s work together to help you better face your challenges through a proactive common sense approach to discover a better way of living. Take advantage of my knowledge and approach to make this a reality for you.
You are a unique person on this journey of discovery.
There is only one of you.  So let’s focus on bringing out the real you free of all that has been holding you back.  It’s time for you to do something good for yourself.
It can be refreshing to get to know yourself well, and be a peace with yourself.
Our Story
Live…..Love…..Laugh…and Be Happy!  Wouldn’t you say that these are most of the key ingredients to Discover Living?  Many have forgotten how to live and be content with their life.  Yes, life is a series of peaks and valleys. We can help you move past the valleys.  Many find themselves in a mental and physical state of survival that is controlling their life.  Whether it is political, financial, health, domination, or whatever, it is important not to give in to these forces.  These difficult moments in time can pass so keep looking,

moving, and acting in a forward direction toward greater personal well-being. This website is going to address a variety of circumstances that may or may not relate to your personal situation. Digest what is said, and grow from it. Whether you totally agree or disagree with certain points is not as important as the process of beginning a self evaluation with the intent to discover a better way of living your life. Read More about what we offer…

Featured Articles
Are Hope…Want… and Try Enough?

Are Hope…Want… and Try Enough?

This is an article that was sent to me that talks about keys to being a good leader and friend. I feel leadership and friendship are keys to a fulfilling way of life.

Becoming A Good Leader Or Friend

Becoming A Good Leader Or Friend

This is an article that was sent to me that talks about keys to being a good leader and friend. I feel leadership and friendship are keys to a fulfilling way of life.

Character…..Fact Or Fiction

Character…..Fact Or Fiction

In my Discover living book I relate to the reader the prime ingredients of developing good character traits. This is a person who has a strong personality, solid moral principles, and someone you want to follow in times of distress.


R.T., TX

 “Some of the toughest, darkest moments in my career and life came recently. In that time I was blessed to have a copy of the truly insightful and gracious book, “Discover Living: A Writer’s Journey,” by Ed Lupton. When I’m looking for insight I often open a sound book at a random location and look for guidance. With Ed’s book I just used the Table of Contents to get right to the matter at hand that was troubling me. All I can say is that when, on those long nights, you must face a challenge, but there is no one there to talk to or confer, consider “Discover Living” as a mentor to help you keep faith in the path forward, no matter the lessons life is bringing to your door. Ed’s work brings that joyous meal of hope when you are most hungry for sincere and honest answers to life’s vexing problems.”

B.B.N., CA

“The book was great,and it was easy reading as it was interesting. Timeless profound,compelling,and transforming, “Discover Living ” is a priceless gift for everyone who wants to know their purpose and fulfill their destiny. It had an almost instant effect on me and my life the first day of reading by putting to use your suggestions. Your book did bring about beautiful insight and made me want to be a better person.”

S. & G. G, CA

“In a culture where anything goes, “Discover Living” certainly is the right guide to living life. The book is a spiritual guide to meet life head on, and to discover self and challenge ourselves to be the person we can be. It’s right book for coping with life and making good choices.”

N.L., OR

“Thank you for such a timely and practical guidebook. It is truly time to “Discover Living” and leave behind all the barriers that keep us from living a glorious life here and now. Anyone with a desire to fulfill their God given potential and say, “Yes.” to life and really mean it will want to read and apply the principles found on these pages. Your book will be tremendous help and blessing to those who choose it in their lives and business, and would be a valuable addition to every library.”

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