28 July, 2020

Are Hope…Want… & Try Enough?

Have you ever listened to someone at length and wonder, “What did he/she actually say?” Languages are simply words put in a certain order to give them meaning. Once they surface they are just words that anyone can use. What sets them apart from one person to the next ?

One answer is intention. Do the words educate, motivate, castigate, relegate, or delegate you to think, act, and do in a different way? If they do, then they have substance.

There are three words that you may need to use sparingly. They are the words “hope,” “want,” and the word “try.” When you hear or use these words realize that they are signs of weakness. They lack commitment, and can be an excuse for failure or lack of change. When a prize fighter, football player, business executive, spouse, friend, etc. relates that he/she hopes, wants, or tries to achieve something, it should be telling you that this person has doubts, fear, anxiety, and is creating an excuse in case no change takes place.

Understand that there is no immediacy in your thought processes when you hope for, want something, or try to get something. Don’t be surprised if nothing happens with this attitude. Your subconscious is not activated. Since most of our thought processes are at the subconscious level, you need to change your thought processes to thoughts of good intention, purpose, and a need to stimulate your inner self to create the plan of action to create the desired change.

Listen to the words coming out of your mouth as well as the thoughts traveling between your ears. Are they constructive, imply initiative and commitment, as well as serve a purpose that will bring about the desired change you are seeking? With what was just said, you can see the significance of dwelling on words that will help you and not harm you. Remember that you gravitate toward that what you secretly most desire so be careful of the words as you speak and think.

Realize that you are going to continue to change regardless of what you think, do, or act. To move forward with positive results and allow you to discover the life you intend on having, it is important that your thought processes program your conscious and subconscious with words that instill certainty and confidence to experience the change you are seeking. As you move along in this process you will begin to believe and have faith in your ability to move forward. This will accelerate the process as you get more committed because of the results you begin to experience. It is a process that begins with no momentum, sees some progress, and finally gives you satisfaction as the results pour in. This process is open to everyone to use and take advantage.

Guide your thoughts, affirmations, and meditation in a forward direction leading to a better situation. It is not wise to say or think something you’re not. Instead of thinking you are the best whatever, think about becoming the best whatever, See yourself in the process of change in becoming and doing what you inwardly desire. Let your feelings and intuition become your guide to get where you want to go, become, or do.

In summary, drop the hope, want, and try thought processes if you really want to accelerate the process of positive change. Of course, it is fine to dream about where you want to be in the future, but your real focus should be in the moment (the now) so your energy moves you to something better. Who you see yourself now is already someone from the past so don’t dwell on who you are. Plant new thoughts as seeds seeking the possibility of a new you who is becoming what you secretly most desire. The phrases, “I can,” “I will,” and “it is possible” are phrases that can move you forward in your life to something better. Your expanding faith, intentions, and beliefs are the motivating forces to expand your life into something special.