Ed Lupton is the founder and President of Discover Living whose mission is to empower men and women to live exceptional lives. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Finance, professional baseball player, financial consultant, long term care consultant, and author of three books on finance, sports, and life. Ed ‘s current new audio books give you an awareness of mind manipulation and mind control forces and how you can cleanse them from your mind. He also presents an audio book covering important facets of life to live the life you deserve. His energy, passion for life, and sharing his personal journey of almost 77 years will captivate his audience into believing in themselves. He will share his secrets to living a quality, active, and productive life. Let him ignite a fire inside you to make necessary changes and motivate you to discover living. Ed’s entertaining talk for small to large events will deliver a life changing experience. Email him at EL@discoverliving.com for specific information.

Ed Lupton is a student of life that is not based on theory, but rather real life experiences in a broad area that have set the foundation for him to provide a meaningful and lively presentation that focuses on four critical parts of finding fulfillment in your life. For example: (1) Words to live by that will guide, motivate, carry, and give you the answers to most challenges. (2) A new way of living where you regain control over the mental processes that allow you to find the real you and give you the ammunition to make the choices that allow you to think, do, and accomplish that what you secretly most desire. (3) Teach you to begin the process of helping your body to heal itself and restore your vitality so that your body can perform to its optimum and give you greater joy and satisfaction. (4) Give you many alternatives to get you out of debt and develop multiple income sources to get in control of your financial well being maybe for the first time in your life. He can develop the presentation tailored to the interest of his audience.

“His presentations will light a fire and make you a believer in yourself.”

For Ed, it all began at age two when he hit a baseball over the roof of a garage. A passerby said that someday he would become a professional baseball player because of that unbelievable feat. Nineteen years later he was playing professional baseball. At age seven he ran a foot race against fifty other kids his age at a church picnic. He told himself he would win so he could be given the winning prize, and he won. And he won again and again and again despite the odds against him in later years. From being student body president of his Division I high school; nine letters in high school sports; a baseball scholarship to the University of Notre Dame; professional baseball with the Washington Senator organization; numerous awards along the way; investment counselor; trust office manager; film producer; owner/administrator of a 48 bed home for the elderly; emergency planning consultant to the medically fragile population; author of three published books and now a new series of audio books. These experiences plus the hard ones that caused him to lose everything and have to start over all draw the audience to a conclusion that now is the time to come alive again and begin doing what is necessary to start a journey to a better and more fulfilling way of living. Everything is possible as long as you keep moving forward doing what is right. His presentation will light a fire and make you a believer in yourself.

A presentation can be tailored to meet the needs and purpose of the sponsoring organization. Send inquiries to: EL@discoverliving.com

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