19 May, 2017

Character…..Fact Or Fiction

In my Discover living book I relate to the reader the prime ingredients of developing good character traits.  This is a person who has a strong personality, solid moral principles, and someone you want to follow in times of distress.  Each of us has the ability to develop these traits.  However, many individuals choose to give character choices to others and then follow their lead.  These are people at your place of work, politicians, sports heroes, church leaders, and other important people in your life. We have found and are finding that our decisions to become followers to some of these people and in turn give them power over us has not been fruitful and in our best interest.  Why is this?

 On the back cover of my book I mention how life is an illusion.  Life is how we perceive it to be.  We have images that may be a fantasy.   We tend to follow and let them guide us in our choices that determine our lifestyle.  How many times are we basing our decision making on images?  With the state of our world today, doesn’t it cross your mind that you may have given others too much slack to make life changing decisions that affect you personally?  Are you debt free and secure in a job?  Do you consider yourself in good health with proper weight and a loving personality?   What about the city, state, and country where you live?  Do they support your needs and give you a comfortable lifestyle or are they on the fringe of collapse?

The facts are that many character images are being cleverly created so that the images have a lot more power than the people behind the images.  We are seeing religious leaders succumb to moral decay.  How many politicians have been too pre-occupied with their re-elections versus focusing on the public good during their terms in office resulting in behind the scenes compromises negatively affecting our citizens?  How many corporate leaders have been driven by greed over the public good?  How many in the medical community are also driven by greed versus individual needs?

Fortunately, I feel it is safe to say that in the USA a majority of those whom we choose to follow have good character traits.  However, the minority seems to be creating an imbalance that has and is affecting large segments of our population.  Isn’t it time for those who we choose to follow with good character traits begin to stand up to the minority who seem to be against the best interest of the public in favor of personal gain?  Shouldn’t these good people be labeled honorable individuals instead of whistle blowers?  Isn’t it time to say, “Enough is enough.”  Whatever is right, “Do it!”

 You may be thinking, “If I do what you say, I will lose my job and my benefits.”  If this is you, then it is time to evaluate your own character.  If you are perpetuating a wrong, then you are sacrificing your character for personal gain.  I can safely say that in the long run, you are going to lose.  Why not make the decision to change now while you have the opportunity regain the character traits necessary to discover living the life you are meant to experience. You can do it, and regain the momentum you sacrifice with change. Maybe you can be an example to others and cause a shift to what is right.

Too many have given up on their character.  Now is the time to do something right, and help yourself out of the pit you have dug in your life.  Your life need not be over.  By staying in the pit of life, you are only deceiving yourself.  Get out now, and do something right for yourself. Develop your own character.  Don’t let others decide your fate.  As I have related, many times these other individuals really don’t have your personal interest in mind anyway so why give them power over you.

 If enough people choose what is right, then we may get rid of political parties that seem to hate each other; eliminate or retool companies that manufacture goods and services contrary to the public good; monitor the needs of society so that those areas in society detrimental to the public good disappear; and individuals will be able to develop their own personal character in the process so that they are able to make valued choices in their lives to make it better for themselves and those around them.

 It is time to put yourself on a pedestal, and put a personal value to who you see in your mirror.  Think about what can happen when you improve on your character traits and it is then multiplied the same way by others around you.  If you already have good character traits, communicate them to others.  Yes, this can become a year of rebirth by building good character among the masses.