3 May, 2017

Your Need For Passive Income

Cash flow is critical to your well-being.  Living off of government subsidies will help keep you alive, but can deprive you of a quality lifestyle.  Is having a job the answer to your financial responsibilities?  Let me tell you why I feel the answer should be “No” in most personal situations.  Many people depend on their job income to maintain their standard of living.  Some find it necessary to have more than one job to maintain the standard of living they are accustomed.  The main problem with this form of income is the on the job time limitations.  For many, the time spent on the job affects the free time that should be spent with family, friends, and simply yourself.  The fixation and commitment to job income can also affect your health because of excessive stress and inadequate nutrition caused by eating on the go.

What will happen to you with a job lay-off, put on a job furlough, a business suddenly shuts down, or if you decide to live in a new location? You job income stops or is reduced.  This happened to two of my college classmates.  A hurricane  destroyed their homes and each of their businesses leaving them with no income.  These situations happen to people on a daily basis.  Wouldn’t it be better to also have some passive income that continues regardless of where you live or is not affected by circumstances that cause changes to your life?

Passive income is going to supplement your main source of income, and maybe in some instances allows a person to eliminate their job income when the passive income is sufficient to maintain your standard of living you are accustomed.  When this happens, it is a life changing experience because it frees you of the time spent on the job for more enjoyable alternatives.   I encourage you to develop multiple sources of passive income.  This diversified income can follow you wherever you go, and will not be interrupted if you become sick or injured and not able to function in a normal way.  I devote several pages of my Discover Living book to this.

Stocks that pay dividends, and bonds that pay interest are examples of passive income.  By staggering the maturities of bond investments, you can generate bond interest income on a monthly basis. I wrote continuing education online courses that are subscribed by people across the United States.  A company markets them for me and sends me a royalty check each month.  A book publisher does the same when they publish your book.  With the advent of the internet many have websites that generate income through advertisements and/or product sales.

If I asked you if you know of an investment that could pay you $200 or $500 or more an hour what would you say?  Well, the answer is a home based business.  This form of business follows you wherever you go, and the income potential can be excellent if you are in the right situation.  The offset to this is that studies have shown that around 95% of home based businesses fail.  For years I have been testing and searching for the right situation, and I feel I have finally found it.  Actually, it happened when I was not looking for it.  It was recommended through an investment research newsletter to consider investing in a publicly traded stock.  After researching the company, I found that Fortune Magazine rated this company the #1 fastest growing company in the world.  The company is over sixteen years old; is doing business in just under fifty countries; has over a billion dollars in sales; has to meet the guidelines governed by the stock exchange because its stock is publicly traded so it is financially sound; and its products are marketed by individual distributors around the world and not at retail in stores.

When I looked to see what they are marketing, I found that they involve wellness, lifestyle, beauty, and herbal natural products of the highest quality.  In my Discover Living book I relate that your body is its best healer so you need to supplement your diet with high quality natural supplements.  When you combine Nobel prize research along with the best natural ingredients taken from around the world, their selection of products are going to revitalize, restore, renew, and detoxify the cells of your body.  I have now used the products and can attest to all that I relate.  Their Compensation Plan to motivate the individual distributors is very fair and can grow into something quite substantial by working together.   So if you understand some of all that I have related in this article and may be interested in working with me and learn more about this home based business simply email me at EL@discoverliving.com, and I will email you the details of what is involved. This is open to people worldwide so I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and do this with me.  As you read through this Discover Living website you understand my mission to change people’s lives in different ways to make their lives better.  Once more people gain control over their lives then we can become a force for good.  In regard to this article, we can find a way to move forward and improve the financial and wells sides of our lives  to discover a better way of living.

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