5 May, 2017

Nuke the Nukes

Let’s talk common sense.  Perhaps, you will think this article is fantasy talk.  However, it is the only answer to a dilemma  of catastrophic proportion.  With the reasons the international community has banned the use of biological and chemical weapons as well as landmines, the same must take place with  nuclear weapons worldwide. In all instances the use of these prohibitive weapons cause far more danger and damage than their intended use. It could even result in a worldwide catastrophe.

As stated, using nuclear weapons as a deterrent against other nations defies common sense. Yes, the detonation of a nuclear bomb will cause massive destruction of wide areas of land, and potentially cause the loss of thousands of lives, but the secondary effects can cause an even more horrific damage that can’t be restored.  No nation should seriously desire this.  Studies have shown that one nuclear bomb blast will put large amounts of soot into the atmosphere which will result in a global cooling affect.  This will cause a reduction of agriculture production on a global scale for many years.  Even the nuclear plant meltdown in Japan after a major earthquake caused fish to be radiated to an extent that is not fully understood. I am not a scientist, but I wonder what the effect would be of a nuclear explosion in our atmosphere?

The United States, Russia, Great Britain, China, France, Israel, North Korea, India, and Pakistan already have nuclear arsenals. Iran may be the next country added to this list.   Do we wait for one of these countries to become angered to the point where one country launches its missiles against another?  Besides dropping bombs on Japan to end World War II, several close calls have  already  happened.  We cannot afford to have this happen even once to our present world economy. This is simple common sense.  The countries just mentioned have other deadly weapons to utilize other than their nuclear arsenal to defend themselves.  Why even think of using a nuclear bomb knowing that it will cause secondary damage to the same country that launches the bomb.

Another real danger is if a political organization uses propaganda to incite an international incident.  Remember how two countries began a war simply over the outcome of a soccer game?  What about an organization that wants to reduce the world’s population for their globalist agenda?  Fake turmoil can be created to put countries against each other.   We are talking about the possibility of massive death tolls, and overturned governments.  It’s a nasty game that can be played between countries and political organizations.  There simply is no room for a nuclear deterrent to be considered in this worldly scheme of things. Presently, North Korea and Iran are  continuing to test and improve their ICBM’s? Can the world wait until they can deliver a nuclear payload?

The problem in the United States is the fact that its nuclear arsenal is out of date.  A new generation of nuclear weapons and delivery systems are needed to keep up with other countries with nuclear capabilities.  The estimated cost for this is one trillion dollars spread out over three decades.  The Trump administration is currently talking about this need of upgrade. United States President Donald Trump wants to spend one trillion dollars on rebuilding the U.S. infrastructure, i.e. roads, dams,  bridges, airports, etc.  He can offset this cost by eliminating this new generation of nuclear weapons.  Very simple. Just eliminate its U.S. nuclear arsenal. He should quiet the Trump Nay Sayers by striking a deal with Russian President Putin and have both nations agree to eliminate their nuclear arsenals with the understanding that all nations follow their lead. It won’t be easy because their military commanders may object.

There needs to be a worldwide ban on nuclear weapons, and President Trump needs to lead the world leaders to a vote in the United Nations to have it take place.  Already, two thirds of the countries in the United Nations are in favor of this ban.  Would Russia and China follow the lead of the United States?  It would save them billions of dollars as well.  Like the U.S. both Russia and China need to raise the economic levels within their countries. This should be their focus, and not how to destroy a potential adversary.  With proper worldwide inspection of nuclear reactors this ban can be monitored so that all countries abide by the terms of the Resolution to ban all nuclear weapons.  Any nation found abusing the Resolution would risk severe sanctions by the other countries of the world.  Because of the interdependence of countries of the world, this would be a good incentive not to violate the terms of the Resolution.

With the growing political turmoil in the world now, it is a logical step to ban all nuclear weapons worldwide now.  Situations change and accidents happen.  We cannot afford one with the magnitude of a nuclear bomb.  Countries can protect their borders without destroying the world in the process.  Pass this article on to others and write your Congress representative about this.  The consensus of the people can force our government to come to its senses, take action, and use the savings to restore the US infrastructure instead .  Let the United States lead the world into a greater peaceful atmosphere.  Again, it is simple common sense.

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