12 May, 2017

Mastering Your Life

No joke. Mastering life is a process like when you first learned you’re A, B, C’s. This process follows the divide and conquer philosophy of gaining or regaining power. Let me explain the process. I would like you to list five areas in your life that you would grade yourself an “F” meaning a failure, incomplete, inadequate, or a major concern. Once you have determined your five, prioritize them in the order in which you want to overcome first. Maybe you have more than five, but let’s begin with your top five first.

We presently live in an information age where we can ask the internet for answers to just about any question you can think of and most likely your top five just mentioned. I’ll bet someone has already done research for you in each of your five challenges. Solutions exist. All you need to do is find them and incorporate them into your life and make them a part of your daily routine of using them to make the necessary changes. Get on the internet and do your research through search engines by typing a word or phrase asking for the solutions to your dilemmas. After reviewing several links choose the top four links (A,B,C,D) that you felt would help you the most. Then choose the words or phrases from each of those four websites that will help you and then find four links from each of your original four links, i.e. “A” will have A,B,C,D, and “B” will have A,B,C,D,, etc. The result is you have generated twenty resources to resolve each of your needs, challenges, desires, or imbalances. Do the same for each of your five areas in your life that you need to change.

You now have taken two important steps to master or gain control of your life. They are: (1) You have identified five of your major areas of concern in your life that you need and want to change. (2) You have identified resources you can use to guide you in making the right changes. There also is a third or most important step: (3) You have begun the process of moving forward in your life to overcome the barriers that have been holding you back. You must realize that it may have taken years to put yourself in your present situation. Don’t expect a miracle your first hour. This is a process that an athlete, a musician, surgeon, or student must follow. This process is to study everyday; put into practice the recommended changes; repeat the proper thought processes thousands of times; and begin living what is being suggested as best you can. Understand that this will be hard in the beginning because your habits and beliefs that have been ingrained in your psyche need to change. Your mind initially is going to tell you to wait until tomorrow to begin the process, and tomorrow never comes. To overcome this lack of will power you need to inject passion and burning desire into your psyche to offset these negative forces attempting to keep you in your old comfort zone. Now is the time to awaken your inner spirit and tell yourself that you will not be denied. You want and need a new you. If you continue to repeat the same new processes, then these new processes will begin to develop new habits and beliefs that begin to move you out of your present weakened state. You will begin to become more alive with life.

Another good suggestion is to step aside and take a careful look at the life you have created. For many their lives are controlling them. Remember the KISS philosophy of life (Keep It Simple Stupid), and see what you can eliminate or change to give you more time to focus on your needs, and equally important to eliminate those involvements causing you unnecessary stress. Remember that studies have shown that stress is the 95% cause of all illness and disease.

Job stress; family stress; parent stress; financial stress; and health stress can complicate your life and take you down. I recently experienced this with four years of caring for both parents in failing health. I felt a responsibility to them that I could not ignore and run away from. I acknowledged the stress that was being created as a result of the situation and did my best to seek alternatives to rise above the stress and not have it take me down. This is not an easy process, but conscious awareness of a situation allows you to minimize the stress as much as possible and have it become manageable. It is easier to make a decision to break ties to a job or with friends causing problems in your life. However, once you make the decision to change your situation, then it is simply following the process to make the change happen for you.

Now, let me summarize:
1. Identify those areas in your life that are giving you problems.
2. See resources that will lead you in a direction to overcome these obstacles and create balance in your life.
3. Realize that your mind is initially going to want to stay in your present comfort zone and put doubt, fear, fatigue, and indifference in your thought processes to retain your inadequate habits and beliefs.
4. Repetition of the proper actions is going to put new thoughts in your mind that will develop new feelings, new habits, and new beliefs. It is a process that begins slowly and increases in intensity as you begin to see and feel a new you emerging. This is a natural process of your mind and body.
5. Passion, desire, and action are your friends so kick yourself in your butt and make it happen for you.

This is my 73rd year of life, and I am still in this evolving process. The more you know the more you want to know. The better you feel about life the more you see what life has to offer. There always are going to be challenges so address them as they enter your life; put them in the past where they belong, and then put your major focus on this moment and explore your options. Think about what you can do in this moment to help you to begin to manifest the life you desire. Know that you can only do what you can do at this moment, and be satisfied with this. Forget about tomorrow as your power rests in what you are doing at this moment. Realize that life works out best for those who make the best of how life works out. A better and more fulfilling life is waiting for you. Follow my keys to success and happiness by seeking harmony in your life; be content by being the real you; control and keep your thought process in a positive outlook; forgive; and act as I have directed. All of what I have related is covered in greater detail in my Discover Living book.