8 May, 2017

Health Care or Prevention

We have been inundated with news media promoting different agendas to end, modify, or repeal and replace ObamaCare or Affordable Healthcare in the USA.  It is evident that major problems exist currently with premiums being increased beyond the means of many in the middle class.  Deductibles are also increasing to the point where the subscriber can be paying out of pocket to a great extent before exhausting the deductible.  As the same time insurance underwriters are removing themselves from doing unprofitable business in some states.  The average person is already aware of this, because they find themselves in the middle of this dilemma.

Yes, the US is spending more on healthcare than any other nation while the quality of care is rated way below other industrialized nations.  At the same time the US has some of the finest doctors and hospitals in the world.  These facts considered jointly portray a broken healthcare system.   It is not working very well for many. How can we reduce the cost and improve the care?  Think about what I just wrote.  Has anyone ever questioned why the emphasis has been placed on care and not really on prevention?  I think the reason is twofold.  A quick fix mentality has been cultivated over the years of popping a pill, radiating an abscess, or simply cutting off or out the problem  All of these alternatives are costly to the individual and a way to make a lot of money for the service providers.  The healthcare industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Have you ever considered some of the inequities in healthcare?  There doesn’t seem to be any uniformity of cost of same hospital procedures from one hospital to another.  Why?  If it is the same procedure why should the cost be different?  There also is no uniformity of the cost of medication.  The same pill may have a different price from one county to the next, and from the Veterans  Department to the public.  How can this be allowed?  What gives a manufacturer the right to suddenly change the price of a pill?  Medication plays a vital role in administering to people with acute conditions.  Doesn’t it make sense that there should be more emphasis placed on prevention so that there are fewer acute conditions. However, most doctors are schooled in care versus prevention. Why aren’t there incentives not to have to go to a doctor?  There are hundreds of natural remedies that work without side effects.  Doctors are not schooled in nutrition so they have to refer to their book to prescribe medication as the primary alternative.  Many times this is the right decision, but doesn’t it make sense to seek more natural ways to maintain good health so that less acute conditions and side effects  come to the forefront.  Why not keep yourself healthy and limit the need for prescribed medication.

I feel prevention and supplements are the important alternatives to apply first. This will keep your immune system strong and healthy.  Isn’t this common sense? God has already  given us  fantastic fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, and other plants to nourish our bodies.  I am talking about all of these in their natural state with all their natural enzymes, and not modified. Learn about them and what they can do for your body.  Natural supplements (not synthetic) are needed as you age and your body is depleted of the nutrients to keep it balanced. Again, it is hard for doctors to recommend supplements as many of the doctors have not been schooled in this more natural way of healing the body. However, it is becoming more  necessary to understand both ways of treating body imbalances as  for example certain medication and herbs can have the same effect on the body causing an overdose that could be harmful. Medication and herbs that both thin the blood are an example of what I relate. It also should be noted that not all supplements are what they say they are.  So do your own research to be able to stick to high quality alternatives.  Doctors also need to know what natural remedies you are using to properly diagnose a health problem. In my Discover Living book I talk about the four factors working together that usually results in good health.  They are: 1.) Good nutrition 2.) Proper rest 3.) Exercise 4.) Mind control to eliminate unnecessary stress (See my Product on “Waking Up Your Mind”.).

Each of us needs to take a greater interest in our well-being.  Read my article on sugar.  Fructose is found in many processed foods.  Are you overloading on sugar?  Just today they announced the results of a test that showed that artificial sweeteners are a direct cause of weight gain.  How many diet free products do you consume on a daily basis? It seems like many things in life come down to developing the right habits to keep you on the right path. A doctor once said that one sure way to stop your sickness is to stop doing the things making you sick.  Your body is like a computer.  If you program it the right way it will work well for an extended time, and will be less expensive when changes need to be made to get your body re-balanced.

Other than the risk of injury due to accident, you should and can follow the right principles to help your body heal itself and maintain it in a healthy state.  If you find that you have neglected your body for a long period of time, don’t feel overwhelmed.  Your body can make unbelievable recoveries despite the obstacles and challenges.  Be patient.  Begin helping your body and your mind.  Build on small successes.  Research your challenges, and develop a plan to move forward.  Stick to it.  Think about how long it took you to get in the condition you find yourself. Your body is going to love you by responding as you feed it with good nutrients, rest it, eliminate stress as much as possible (I talk also about this in my Discover Living book.), move it to get the blood flowing and strengthen your heart and other muscles. Keep moving forward to discover a new way of living.