16 May, 2017

Getting In Control

Let me ask you to make an assessment of your present life situation to evaluate whether you feel you are in control of your feelings; in control of your attitude toward yourself and others; in control of your health; in control of your finances; and more generally in control of your life.  Most will say that forces relating to one or more of the points just mentioned are controlling you and affecting you in a more non-productive way.

It is time for you to focus on what is going on in your life that is affecting the quality of your life in a positive or in an adverse way.  I would venture to say that well over ninety-nine percent (99%) are not currently in control of their overall  lives.

Realize that some of the forces you let into your life can ultimately do you major harm.  Over use of credit is an immediate feel good, but ultimately results in becoming a slave to lenders.  A sub-prime mortgage (liar’s loan) may give you a home, but we have found many times it leads to a foreclosure.   A sugary drink may taste good when you swallow, but over time will harm your health.  A boss may put you in stressful situations.

News media can generate feelings, attitudes, and actions contrary to your well-being as well as support it.  Governments many times create legislation that suppresses certain segments of populations.  Face it, we are surrounded by forces attempting to control our lives.  The question for you to find an answer is how to fit in with your environment and maintain control of your life with forces attempting to remove that control from you.  If you have lost control, your focus is on what actions you need to initiate to regain what you have lost.

Let me first suggest that you read and reread my Discover Living book several times for many approaches to solutions to your life’s dilemmas.  In the book’s Introduction I tell you to make a fist and stick out your thumb.  Touch the end of your thumb to your heart.  You have just found the solution to regain control over your life.  Don’t look anywhere but yourself to make it happen.

You need to put yourself on a pedestal and see yourself as someone of great value (to yourself).  You are someone who needs to take responsibility over all that takes place in your life.  Don’t let others manipulate a negative to look like a positive so that you falsely believe in actions that will ultimately do you harm.  Become a student of what can become good for your life.

Your life will be a lot easier if you can remove the use of force from your way of thinking and living.  Yes, we know there are some bad people in this world who attempt to gain power by stealing it from others and attempt to retain it by fear, intimidation, and keeping people weak.  Think about what would happen if people said “No” to force.  Many laugh at the thought of this as a fantasy, but in reality it is The Answer.  It is all a question of attitude.  If I could mold your attitude to help you regain control over your life as well as others who will also follow, we could become a force for no force.  We can become a force for individual control over our lives with the respect for other lives that can do the same.

We must realize that both men and women are human beings, and should be treated with respect, dignity, and care.  This attitude will simplify our lives greatly.  Therefore, sex, religion, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age, etc. should not be considerations for pre-judgment.  Doesn’t this make life easier?  Can you see how we all have been manipulated to having certain feelings, attitudes, and beliefs that form thoughts and actions.

On the back of the cover of my book I mention that “Life is an illusion.”  In other words your life is how you imagine it to be.  It also infers that you can make changes at  anytime.  Many forces are trying and sometimes succeeding in making your life as they want it to become.  Don’t allow this.  Remain objective.  Assert you individuality. By following the Discover Living precepts and initiating your own action plan you will be able to do what is right with your life to make it whole.

Face it, your actions are not going to change the world.  However, your actions can change you into someone better and ultimately Discover Living as a better way of life.  Think about having good thoughts about yourself and others.  Think about rebalancing your body into optimum health with greater vitality and greater control of your health.  Think about becoming debt free with new sources of income.  Think about sharing and helping others instead of doing them harm.  Think about treating yourself and others as equals.  Think about who you are and proud of what you stand for.  Think about practicing your religion in peace and allowing others to do the same.  Think about respecting all human life by allowing each individual the right to control their individual lives as long as it is doing what is right, good, and without harming others.

It is time to stop this cycle of unrest, greed, envy, anger, and biasness.  Together, we can begin the process of change to bring out the good in each of us.  Maybe we can become the example for positive change for others.  Join with us at Discover Living for a better and more fulfilling way of life.