1 May, 2017

Discover Living Philosophy

My life has been like the ocean waves I talk about in my Discover Living book. I ride the crest of good times only to have them crash, and then have to swim for the next swells so I can ride the next crests. There were also times when I was content not to swim for the next swell. In other words I became resolved to live with less and leave optimum living for someone else. I accepted the routines of less and lack, or being a follower, or not feeling good, or cutting corners to get by, or maybe even lying to myself to get by. If some or all of this relates to you and you are tired of living with less, tired with ill health or being overweight, and tired of looking at yourself in the mirror, then read on. If you are just reading these words and have no passion for change, I encourage you to stop here and don’t waste your time, and go to another website or put on your television and watch some meaningless program.

You can use my Discover Living book as a reference to begin your change to a more fulfilling life. My words have put myself on the line to have to make some changes in my life to live up to what I say, and be able to look myself  in the mirror each day to be satisfied with what I see. I am making changes in my life right now so I can better live up to these words. Let me ask you one question. What have you done for yourself today to make your life more fulfilling? “Doing” is one of those powerful words that implies “action,” “can,” “possible,” “completion, “risk,” and “change.” If you live financially day to day, you need to make some changes. If you lie, cheat, or steal to get by, realize that it is only a matter of time before your life will crumble and become meaningless. If your health is not good and/or your weight is too much, stop the momentum now and change to a more positive direction while your body has the ability to recover. I am not talking about the quick fix pop a pill way of change. I am talking of a more permanent change that focuses on eliminating the cause and restoring your body to balance. If your life does not include trust, sharing, and love, you need to make some changes. To continue on in all these inequities only perpetuates a life of struggle, lack, misery, and emptiness. There are four facets of life that you need in order to discover living. I talk about them in my book. Having all four can give you peace of mind.

Stop at this very moment and make a truthful assessment of yourself. Then do the same with your family, so called friends, and neighbors. Expand this on to your community, then State, country, and finally world. You see some really repelling situations, and wonder how all this is happening all around you at this very minute. Now, ask yourself how you contribute to all these inequities. Do you play a minute part in adding to this. What would happen if you and then billions like you decided to stop right now, and change your momentum of living a life of routine going nowhere to one of purpose, change, and fulfillment. We must begin with you. Giving you the passion to become a doer, and seeing  yourself in a new light is the beginning. Why not make that decision now! What would the world be like if billions of people did the same? Let’s first begin with you.

Many of us around the world are caught up in this thing called “life,” and are coming up short. Isn’t it time for this to stop and redirect your focus and build some bridges in new directions? I am caught in the same process as you. However, I am determined to do something about it, and turn it into something special. How would you like to come along with me and see where it takes us?

This journey to discover living need not be too difficult if we adhere to some common simple principles to govern our daily activities. Even though we may have a different race, religion, sex, attitude, and feelings, we do have one key common trait. We are all human beings. If we look at each other as human beings and discount the rest, then we have made a giant step in living a more fulfilling life. This attitude makes life so much easier. Live your life this way. I truly believe that most have this inner attitude toward others, but we must live it, and not just think it.

In many areas of the world they are at a crossroad, and horrible events that may be described as genocide are taking place because this principle of categorizing people simply as human beings has been eliminated from thought processes. If governments and the United Nations cannot cause this to stop what is the answer? Power and force do not breed peace. If the government powers are not making the necessary changes in attitude, it must come from the bottom up or put simply by a massive movement of people who choose not to live by categorizing people by force. A Middle East College student said it well, “Show me respect, and I will show you respect.” It is a non-violent response. It must start with you, and move from you to others, and others, and others, until non-violence is an acceptable way of life. Those who defy this way of life, will be quickly disarmed if it is not an acceptable way of life. They will cause their own demise. Unfortunately, many who understand this are content to do nothing about it. You do not need to become an activist, but you do need to be an example, and not tolerate less in your daily way of living. It is alright to be outspoken about this attitude of oneness to make others question their ways and attitude. Self esteem and self respect should be your two most cherished qualities. We must not let inequities that seem to be expanding on a major scale in many areas of the globe succeed. First, let’s begin with you, and then we can expand to others around you.

Yesterday has happened, tomorrow is an illusion, so all that is real is what is happening to us now. Take this moment as something precious, and make the most of it. By doing what is right, just, good, and does not negatively affect another is a start, a beginning. This is a numbers game. The more people living this way are going to make it harder on those who don’t. Others may try to bribe, steal, and put pressure on you to cave into their bad or evil ways, but in the end it should be they who have to change for the good or perish in the process. Actually, choosing good is the easier way. As more and more people live this way, it becomes the easier path to follow as it builds trust, cooperation, and unity as human beings. So a critical part of the discover living process is living with a proper set of ideals.

The United States is one of the most prosperous nations in the world. Over the years it has corrupted its middle class to the point where its financial base has eroded to a crisis situation. The middle class makes up a majority of the population so as the middle class goes so does the country. There is a balance here that is now in jeopardy, and the continued faith in the country and belief in themselves keeps this class afloat. Much of the world’s Gross national Product is consumed by this same middle class. To maintain economic growth, it is critical that this same middle class restore its financial strength and vitality. Consumer indebtedness must be reduced, and savings implemented immediately to bring it back into control. Actually, people everywhere must focus on cash flow and debt control. Only when in control will you own your life.

You, too, should find ways to give back and make another’s life more complete.  As I say in my book, life is centered around your use and interpretation of words. The words you see in your mind create the symbols or illusions that govern your actions and create your experiences. Change the words and you can change your life. It is as simple as that. When your life is filled with words like can, will, possible, love, completion, passion, and many other words mentioned in my book, amazing changes will take place in your life. Is your life one big routine at present? Is there any element of risk in your life? Get rid of the depressing words first, and take on some of the uplifting words second in a rational way, and watch your life come alive. It is time to take a step forward even though you may not know where it is leading. Get out of your chair, away from your television (at least for awhile), and embrace this philosophy of a life of living. Take advantage of all that I offer on this website. Each of us can contribute to our own improvement and impact others in our own unique way. The point I am making is to stop talking and thinking, about it. The time to do something about it has arrived so let’s begin together, now!


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